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Bringing Sexy Back to the Blog

Gooood morning everyone

Over the last 16-17 hours or so I have received a lot of constructive criticism about the look of the new blog. Any and all comments on how you like it and what you think of it are greatly appreciated.

A lot of folks have been mentioning that the blog is a bit sterile and bland. I couldn’t agree more. The template I am currently using is very basic. I liked the layout, but the colors are very simple. As such, I may end up looking for a new template that will bring a bit more life to the blog. Someone had commented that the white background is a bit hard on the eyes. I agree. Unfortunately, one of the very few cons of switching to word press is that their pre-made templates are not as easily customizable. Therefore I’m going to have to find a template I like until I can work out how to customize them.

Not to get into too much computer jargon, but Word Press also makes it rather difficult to edit their CSS in the sense that they make you pay for it. I think. It’s all of $14 a year for the “customize CSS” tool, but I still think it’s a bit absurd that you have to pay. I’m currently surfing the forum to see if there is any way around this since a lot of the change I have to make are rather minor, but have yet to be successful.

Don’t worry, the sexy is currently being brought back to the blog. Also, to reference a few other things I am hoping to work out:

The margins of the posts have reverted back to the standard for most blog templates. I had extended the margins of the posts on the Blogger blog since most people have larger computer screens, but until I sort out this customize CSS deal, the post margins will not be extended.

Hopefully moving to a different template will allow me to differentiate the “links” color from the color of the font I use for the posts. Right now it is black on black with the link underlined. I really don’t like that because it’s hard to find the links. Working on it though, I promise.

And a couple of house keeping matters:

If you have the blog in an RSS feed, remember to update the link to the new word press blog. I don’t have the widget for RSS feeds yet, so you’ll need to do it manually. I’m sorry. I love you.

If you have my blog in your blogroll, I would kindly request that you change the link to the new word press blog as well.

Speaking of blog rolls, I’m still updating the one on the Word Press blog to reflect the one on the Blogger Blog, so if you have a blog and it was on my old blog roll but is missing from this one, I promise it will be up by the end of the day.

The Blogger blog is not going anywhere. At least not until I decide if I want to move all of the archived posts over here. Right now I am leaning towards not doing that. Either way, you can still browse old posts at the old address if you want to.

I’ll update on the status of this shotgun move to Word Press if there is any information that everyone would actually care about. For now just keep reading and hopefully enjoying.


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