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My thoughts on the Top Chef Finale

It’s time to discuss Top Chef.







I’m gonna give a couple sentences on a couple of my few observations about last night before I lay the verbal smack down on the idiot judges of Top Chef.

I was very happy with the final challenge. Coming up with the best three course tasting menu, just cook whatever you cook. Exactly what the final challenge should be.

Seeing Richard, Casey, and Marcel return was fantastic. They are three of my favorite contestants in Top Chef history. Casey is so beautiful.

Stefan calling Marcel a “twat” was the funniest moment of the season, possibly of the Top Chef series. It was amazing.

Everyone knew that a twist was coming, I’m just glad they didn’t jack up the chef’s three offerings. Adding an appetizer is fine

As soon as Carly and Stefan decided to do a dessert I knew they would win or lose on the dish. As soon as the coward Hosea decided not to sack up and do one I knew he may have found a way to level the playing field against two clearly superior chefs.

The chefs were even after the appetizer. Carla surged ahead after dish one. Stefan and Hosea surpassed Carla in dish two. And it became a two man race between Stefan and Hosea after week dish three.

Carla messing up her dessert was really a shame. It sucks when a really good chef goes down like that.

As beautiful as Casey is, she probably cost Carla any chance at winning Top Chef.

Now, we come to the epic debacle that was judges table.

What sort of stupid, asinine, dumb sauce were the judges free-basing prior to discussing who should win Top Chef? Whatever it was, can we make sure that all rations of said sauce are destroyed immediately?

It is clear that Carla shot herself in the foot. She had a lot of momentum but screwed up her second and third dishes. It is inexcusable to win if you prepare a bad final meal, and her final meal was bad. I had no problem with them dismissing her at the beginning of the discussion because she just didn’t rise to the occasion.

I’m not entirely sure Hosea didn’t make a deal with Casey to split the winnings if she got Carla out of the way, but that’s a conspiracy theory for another day.

With Carla no longer in the running, we have Hosea and Stefan. Sure the judges were disappointed with Stefan’s dessert, but he made a dessert. Hosea was a punk. He was a wimp. He was, for lack of a better word, a little bitch. Three course meals end with a dessert. I don’t think Hosea should have been rewarded for playing it safe, especially given the number of contestants who were kicked off this season, and last season, and the season before that, for playing it safe. Maybe if Stefan had pooped on a plate and called it dessert the judges would have had a case, but that was absurd.

And when you have two chefs who perform close to equal on the finale, it makes sense to consider their entire body of work. Right? Am I really all that wrong about this? It is absolutely ridiculous not to consider what the chef did prior to the finale in making a final decision on who should be the Top Chef. You’re trying to tell me that if a contestant were to win every single challenge throughout the season, and then a chef who won no challenges throughout the season managed to cook AS WELL as him in the finale, that he should be crowned Top Chef? Are you stupid?

That is an exaggeration of what occurred this season, but not by much. Hosea had this personal vendetta against Stefan. He called him his nemesis. News flash Hosea, for him to be your nemesis, or rival, you would have to actually succeed in beating him once in awhile. Hosea is like the Boston Red Sox pre-winning the world series when they would call out the Yankees. Stefan was like the Yankees fan who would fire back with “well how many World Series have you won?” Hosea did not deserve this, in the slightest bit.

You can call Stefan arrogant and an ass all you want, but he deserved to win. His final dish was very good. Half of the table thought he made a great dessert. That, in conjunction with his performance during the season (one of the best of all time) means he should have won. Hosea showed us an exercise in mediocrity for an entire season, then managed to cook well in the last two episodes. It’s absurd. NO ONE thinks he is the top chef, because he’s not.

The judges epic failed all over the place. So much so that they will be nominated for Moron of the Week next week (after everyone has had a chance to see the finale). I am just flabbergasted by their choice. Hosea is the least deserving Top Chef in the history of the show.


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  1. I 100% agree with everything you said, with a slightly different conclusion:

    Hosea in all his mediocre pedestrian glory is, as winner of Top Chef, the epitome of the mediocre pedestrian 2-star bullshit we saw all season.

    Remember the episode where the contestants served the rejects? I guarantee that next season, some of those scorned chefs will return as actual contestants. And Bravo has a LOT to do by way of quality of food and creativity, and should knock off the attempts to turn this into some kitchen romance show.

    Comment by Mallory | February 26, 2009

  2. This is so sad. The entire season Stefan owned the challenges. Then at the end Carla came back and I was actually rooting for her to pull through. I never though Hosea should have even made it this far. He only survived this long bc of the stupid Leah fake romance bull. Neither of them were great.

    Comment by Carly | February 26, 2009

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