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Disturbing DC Summer Trends

Summer in Washington DC. There is nothing like it. Unlike other urban areas or beach areas or pretty much any other “area” where summer exists (which means the whole world save maybe Alaska) Washington DC really does offer experiences that make spending a summer in the city unique.

Unfortunately, I came back to blogging a little too late in the summer to write a post about the three things that make it unique; the interns, the unbelievable number of tourists, and the soul crushing humidity. For good write ups on the three topics in and of themselves, visit any DC blog in existence.

However, I am noticing a disturbing trend among residents of the DC metro area. Since my reintroduction into normal life, there are a startling number of non interns and tourists who are exhibiting some of the worst attributes that those two groups have to offer.

I’ll demonstrate by telling two stories from this weekend.

I was at Porters (19th and M Street NW, fantastic bar, as long as you can get past the fact that it’s a Phillies bar) on Saturday night. Right around midnight, when all bars are at their busiest, I was walking from the bar to the outdoor patio when the girl in front of me recognized a few of her friends stupidly sitting on the steps and messing up the flow of traffic, and subsequently decided it would be equally appropriate if she sat on the steps to do the same. This forced me to turn SIDEWAYS on the steps to get past the gathering of 5 or so people.

Really? You idiot.

And for the rest of the night, these 5 asses congregated right in front of the steps up into the bar. The two girls sat two wide the entire time. It was like a four lane highway being forced down to one lane; tons of congestion, tons of irritation, and a disruption of the general flow of things. Naturally they sat there as if nothing was wrong. The worst part about this little devolution into stupidity is that this group was clearly not of the intern variety.

On Sunday, I was walking around the Washington Monument to go to my kickball game. While I was walking over there, I noticed a mass of orange coming in my direction. Turns out it was a team of WAKA Kickballers (thankfully not from my league). The orange clad gang of 15-20 people had spread themselves across the 8-10 person wide walkway and were flanked by 3-4 guys on bikes weaving back and forth like they were NASCAR drivers warming up their tires. I assumed since they were WAKA and thus DC residents that they would break off and allow me to pass. They didn’t, and I had to pull off the walkway and take evasive maneuvers to avoid being hit by a bike.

Two examples of obvious DC residents acting like oblivious interns and tourists. Residents of Washington DC and its surrounding metro area, it is time to lock it the hell up. We all have to deal with the annoyances of those who invade our fine city every summer, but that does not give us an excuse to take on their traits. Just because everyone else is parking themselves on the left side of the metro escalator and trying to use their Hill badges as identification doesn’t suddenly make it acceptable for you to do the same. We need to be setting the example in the hopes that one, maybe two of our summer visitors will suddenly key into the idea that they are acting terrible. So please, please residents of DC, don’t get lazy just because its 70 degrees, 102 with humidity. Stay resilient and be proactive, not a part of the problem.

Besides, you can’t make fun of the interns and tourists if you are acting like one as well.


June 15, 2009 - Posted by | Nonsense |

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  1. It’s about time you’re back! Anyway, it’s posts like this that make me happy to be in NYC for the summer, where no one would ever stand for that shit.

    Comment by Ross | June 15, 2009

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