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December 9 For the Win/For the Loss

And we’re back!

For the Win! 😀

The people have spoken, and they want me to die: An unsettling number of people are interested in the outcome of me drinking Four Loko for the first time. I will oblige this request this weekend. I’ve decided not to live blog the event. In fact, I am handing over my iPhone to my girlfriend when I do it so that I don’t have access to the internet. There is a 100% chance that I will say something that I would regret and immediately want back when I see it the next day if I don’t take these life-preserving measures.

I’m pretty sure I’ll survive drinking Four Loko. I regularly take 5 hour energy shots (still not getting paid to pimp how amazing they are), and I regularly subsist on Red Bull for a week or so around Election Day. Adding anywhere from 4.5 to 136 beers to the mix (depending on who you believe about how many beers worth of alcohol is in Four Loko) can’t be THAT different, right?……right?

Look for the post on Monday.

Top Chef All-Stars: This is going to be the best season of Top Chef, without any shadow of a doubt. The producers absolutely nailed the casting, bringing back many of the most memorable, well liked, and loathed chefs from the previous 7 seasons. There are chefs that I legitimately think could or should have won their seasons (Richard, Angelo) and chefs that I really cannot stand (Stephen, Marcel, Dale). They also brought Casey back, which I love for far different reasons. The first episode’s challenges were great, and hopefully a sign of things to come. I’m really looking forward to watching this show again.

Santarchy: This weekend I’ll be participating in my first ever Santarchy. Hot on the heels of my very first experience with Tuba Christmas, the 2010 holiday season is shaping up to be quite a life-altering one. What is Santarchy you may ask? From

Santarchy/Santacons take place every year in major cities all over the world, involving tens of thousands of Santas. Santarchy is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious & non-sensical celebration of holiday cheer, goodwill, and fun. There is no good reason to dress up in cheap Santa suits, run around town, give gifts, sing songs, have strangers sit on our laps, and decide who is naughty or nice — but it’s a whole lot of fun — so Santa does it anyway. Santarchy is your chance to be Santa, so step up and be jolly.

Exact location hasn’t been announced yet, but I’ll update when it has been.

Youth in Revolt: Saw it a couple of nights ago and really enjoyed it. It is a strange, strange movie. Hysterical, but so strange. Michael Cera almost plays a different character than the “tragic high school virgin,” which was thrilling to experience. Give it a shot. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

For the Loss 😦

Crawford to the Red Sox: I’m absolutely terrified by this development. If the Yankees don’t get Cliff Lee, you could make the argument that the Red Sox are a better team than the Yankees, and I wouldn’t laugh at you.

That being said, if you are a Red Sox fan, and you complain that the Yankees buy their wins, I will absolutely punch you in the face. I don’t even care about the repercussions. You just spent in the ballpark (no pun intended, hehe) of $300 million on two players. Welcome to the club of using money to gain a competitive advantage.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell: Didn’t survive the cloture vote, which will kill the possibility of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in this Congress. A travesty. The Army and Marine Corps give waivers to felons convicted of crimes “including assault, burglary, drug possession and making terrorist threats,” but God forbid we allow gay men and women to serve openly.


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  1. Marc, I was wondering where I could go to hear approximately 230 lower brass instruments playing Christmas carols. Do you recommend anything? Tuba Christmas at the Inner Harbor, you say? I shall check it out.

    Comment by Matt | December 9, 2010

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