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December 14 For the Win/For the Loss, One Day Late

Sorry about the delay yesterday. Sometimes I get busy.

Reader: But Marc, you are unemployed.

Shut up. Ok, moving on.

For the Win! 🙂

You Park Like an Asshole: In doing research for the Jasons post yesterday, I came across a wonderful website called, You Park Like an Asshole. I have no doubt I am behind the curve on this website. The website purpose as described:

Sick of a car taking up two spaces on the street? How about a car too close to yours? What about the car at the mall parked diagonally? Now you can do something about it. Simply download a notice and place it on the car’s windshield. The owner of the vehicle will be informed of their asshole status as well as the proper tips to improve their poor parking techniques. It’s time to put an end to asshole parking, or at least to make fun of it.

Not only is this a brilliant idea, but the notices themselves are really funny. There are also galleries of user-submitted pictures of people parking like assholes. Living in a city with one of the biggest population of asshole drivers/parkers, it was quite nice to bask in how upsetting people’s inability to park is for just a few moments. Take a look if you get a chance.

Hungover Owls: Because I haven’t blogged in awhile, sometimes For the Win will include links I discovered a long time ago. This is one of those links. I THINK that my roommate had this in his GChat a few months ago. It may have been my friend Miller. Hopefully neither will be offended if I am wrong. The concept of Hungover Owls is simple; take a really awesome picture of an owl looking angry/tired/ridiculous, and write a quote from said owl underneath it that makes it seem as though the owl is speaking while hungover. They are unbelievably funny.

Scarlet Johansson is single!: I mean, I hate to see couples split up, it is almost always sad. Unless of course one of the people is terrible, in which case its usually a relief. In this case, I actually like both parties involved. Scarlet Johansson and Ryan Reynolds have split up. I struggled with whether this was a win or a loss. Ryan Reynolds is a cool dude. I’m looking forward to Green Lantern. Smokin Aces is a badass movie. Just Friends is probably one of my top five guilty pleasure movies. Then I remembered this….

Definitely a win.

For the Loss! 😦

Cliff Lee to the Phillies: 24 hours later and I am no less bitter. The Phillies are probably the best team in baseball right now. The Red Sox are probably a close 2nd. The New York Yankees, with Pettite probably retiring, ARod getting old, AJ Burnett being the worst, and shoddy at best relief pitching, are maybe 3rd. What’s worse is that Phillies fans are absolutely my least favorite fans on the planet. They are worse than Red Sox fans for three reasons.

1) They are the ultimate fair weather fans. Before 2008, I could count the number of Phillies fans I knew on one hand. Since their world series win, anyone remotely close to the city of Philadelphia is suddenly shouting PHILLIES! at the top of their lungs. At least I knew who the Red Sox fans were before 2004, even if they wear more pink now.

2) They have the audacity to call themselves tortured. I don’t care how bad the 76ers, Flyers, or Eagles are, YOU ARE NOT TORTURED SPORTS FANS. I may rail on the Knicks and Rangers mercilessly (a bit less now for the Knicks since they are unstoppable), but I never call myself a tortured fan.

3) They boo and throw snowballs at Santa and intentionally vomit on children and cops.

2011 is going to be a nightmarish baseball season.


Check back later today for Jasons Part 2 and more For the Win/For the Loss.


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