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What Should Marc Dress Up as for Halloween?

Originally I planned to write a blog post about things that might happen in 2011 (maybe Lindsay Lohan will finally get clean, maybe I will go to a Washington Nationals game because I want to see the Washington Nationals, not the opposing team, things like that). As I was writing, I came to the topic of Halloween.

Halloween usually falls the weekend before Election Day. Because of this, I have not been able to dress up for Halloween in quite some time. While all of my single guy friends are figuring out which bar will have the most women dressed up as “sexy (fill in the blank)”, all my guy friends with girlfriends are trying to figure out what famous pair they and their significant other can dress up as that will A) allow her to dress provocatively while at the same time B) making sure every gentleman they encounter knows she is not single, and all my girlfriends are deciding between dressing up as sexy mermaid, sexy cat, a hooker, or J-Woww, I am been pulling 20-hour days. Not fun.

This year though, I’ll be going all out. I’m beyond pumped. I remembered all of the great costume ideas I had over the last few years that never materialized, and decided that I needed to take this post in a different direction.

I know it is January, but I would like your help deciding what I should dress up as for Halloween 2011. I’ve listed seven options below, with details of my vision:

1) Michael Jackson from the Free Willy “Will You Be there” music video.This would involve a very loose white undershirt, white button down, tight black pants, black wig, and somehow rigging an orca whale above my head ala the scene of Willy jumping over the kid and the barrier in the movie.

2) Mika. This would involve a tight white suit, sparkly shirt, crazy socks, a black wig, and somehow rigging a boombox to my body that could play “Grace Kelly” on repeat.

3) The Golden Snitch. This would involve a sparkly gold speedo, lots of gold body paint, a gold wig, and shouting “CATCH THE GOLDEN SNITCH!” at the top of my lungs at strangers. Preferably this would also include a person dressed up as Harry Potter to chase me around so we can scream “150 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!” whenever I am caught.

4) The Full Mighty Ducks Team. This would involve green hockey pants, personalized Mighty Duck t-shirts, maybe hockey helmets, and 19 of my friends who can A) roller blade and B) like to quack. 2o if we included Gordon Bombay. 21 if we included Hans. Really I would only do this if I was guaranteed to have every member of the team represented.

5) Patches O’Houlihan. This would involve some kind of white shirt, a white scarf, a bomber jacket, patches, an old mangy looking white wig, a bag of wrenches, a wheel chair, and friends who don’t mind being pushed into oncoming traffic as I shout, “IF YOU CAN DODGE TRAFFIC, YOU CAN DODGE A BALL!”

6) Tellitubby. I would go to a costume store and purchasing a full body costume. I would say I can relate the most to LaLa, so I would probably dress up as Lala,  but I look better in purple, so maybe Tinky Winky.

7) Alanis Morisette from the Thank You music video. It is such a good idea. Since my girlfriend refuses to grow her hair out to make this dream come true, I will do it. This would involve a flesh-tone body suit, two socks, a very, very long woman’s black wig, and…well that’s about it really.

Follow the link below to vote in the poll for the costume you think is best. The poll will be open for ten days. Whatever costume wins, I will dress up as, no ifs, ands, or buts. The choice is yours.

What should Marc dress up as for Halloween?


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  1. I love the golden snitch idea. Also, Mighty Ducks/D2/D3 idea – but agree with the numbers requirement.

    oh and I volunteer to being pushed out in traffic if you go that route too

    Comment by Sgt.Tedro | January 6, 2011

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