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Helpful hint to anyone sending out a job announcement

If I can’t distinguish your command of the English language from that of the Nigerian Prince looking to give me his money, I am probably not going to apply for your job.

If you want potential employees to say, “this sounds good, but I should google this company to see if it is some elaborate fraud ring,” then you have achieved your goal. If not, CHECK FOR ERRORS.

If I wrote a cover letter in the manner you are writing your job announcement, it would probably become an internet meme in a matter of days.

I can forgive an occasional spelling or grammar “oops,” but when I copy and paste your job announcement into Microsoft Word and the resulting green and red lines make it look like a stoplight made love on my computer screen, maybe give the announcement another look over or six before posting.


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Prepare for the Upcoming Justin Bieber Invasion

As you know, we here at MGSE like to prepare for potential apocalyptic events. I feel adequately prepared for the return of the dinosaurs, the zombie apocalypse, the zombie-bird apocalypse, and nuclear apocalypse. When I am looking for information on the newest and greatest threat to mankind, I usually head over to The Oatmeal.

One of my friends (I can’t remember who you are because you signed off before I finished the quiz) had linked to this in their gchat status. I don’t think the threat of swarming Justin Biebers can be overstated. We should all make time to take this quiz to determine how many threatening Biebers we can kill. If that number is not very high, I would also suggest enrolling in some martial arts classes, or perhaps a fencing course, to better help mankind against invading Biebers.

Remember, the Bieber apocalypse is not an IF, it is a WHEN. Will you be prepared?

How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?

Created by Oatmeal




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Go see True Grit

I went to see True Grit yesterday. Despite Regal Potomac Yard 16’s best efforts to prevent me from making the movie on time (which included two of the four fandango ticket redemption machines being broken, and one of the most inept concession stand displays I have ever seen), I managed to make it right as the previews were starting.

For those of you who don’t want to see me pretend to be a movie critic for the next few paragraphs, I will paraphrase here: True Grit is one of the best movies I have seen in a really long time, and you should go see it.

Why is it great? Well first the acting is top notch, Hailee Steinfeld is phenomenal as Mattie Ross. She is 14 or 15 in real life and plays the part with all the poise of someone who has been acting for fourteen or fifteen years. Jeff Bridges is hilarious as the oft drunk Rooster Cogburn. Matt Damon is great as always as Texas Ranger LaBoeuf. The acting in these three roles had to be top notch since the three of them in one grouping or another share the screen for the vast majority of the movie. None of them disappoint.

I found myself laughing a lot more than I expected going into the movie. The humor is dry and sarcastic, which is always a recipe for success when done well. A lot of this has to do with the script, which is really top notch. It captured the era very well without being cheesy.

I’m not a huge fan of the Coen brothers’ previous films, so maybe I went in with lower expectations, but they deserve accolades for this movie. It is awesome.

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Why I love the Carmelo Anthony deal

Allow me to be the 1,356th person to comment on the blockbuster deal that landed Carmelo Anthony in New York.

I am ecstatic about the deal. It absolutely had to be done. What we’ve seen over the last couple of months is that Amare Stoudemire is not Lebron James. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amare Stoudemire, but he is not going to carry the Knicks on his back to 50+ wins a season with the cast of characters they had. He needed another star. Mostly because his knees are a disaster. It remains to be seen if Amare and Carmelo can lead the Knicks to an NBA championship, but they are a hell of a lot closer than they were 24 hours ago.

I really liked Gallinari, Raymond Felton, and Wilson Chandler, but when it became clear that Carmelo would not be available past the trade deadline, I was fine seeing them go. Gallinari has some back issues, Felton is 26 and averaging over 14 points a game for the first time in his career. I think Chandler will be good, but not great. The Nuggets didn’t get fleeced in this deal. Hardly, especially when you factor in the draft picks. However, as Bill Simmons tweeted last night:

In a 30-team league, the Knicks now have 2 of the 10 guys who started yesterday’s All-Star Game. That deal was a no-brainer.

That’s why you make the trade.

I do have a couple of concerns though.

About five seconds after the trade was reported done, everyone started talking about Chris Paul and Deron Williams having opt-out clauses in 2012. Yea, it would be great to get either of them, and if the Knicks did they would be one of the top five or six teams in the league. However, if I get told by the Knicks organization to put my expectations for a championship-caliber team on hold until (insert Superstar) becomes available one more time, I am going to scream. Since Amare, Melo, and Landry Fields are the only contracts on the books past this season, the Knicks really should be able to make enough moves to put them in contention for a Championship even if the two aforementioned players don’t end up in New York.

There has also been a lot of discussion about Isaiah Thomas’ impact on this deal getting done. Supposedly he had a major role in it. Supposedly Donnie Walsh is not going to come back next year. If the Knicks bring back Isaiah Thomas, I am out. I don’t care if Isaiah has spent the last few years creating a de-aging machine and mid-90s Jordan has agreed to play for the Knicks. He needs to stay away.

The Knicks are on the right path. They’ve been a fun team to watch for most of the season, which is more than I can say for just about every 21st century Knicks team.

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A Question About Aliens

Last night while watching TV with my girlfriend, I posed the following question to her:

If a group of aliens busted into my apartment and said they were going to abduct me, but that I would be returned in exactly one year completely unharmed, would you wait for me?

I was expecting a simple “yes” to which I would smile and move on with my life, instead, she was decidedly more noncommittal:

I mean….I don’t know…but I would definitely take care of your cat, and probably get outrageously drunk on wine by myself.

As heartwarming as it was to know that my cat would be taken care of in my absence, I was a little confused about why I couldn’t rely on her to be around when I came back. She reasoned;

I don’t trust aliens. How do I know they wouldn’t harm you? Plus I’ll just send some zombie birds to rescue you.

I decided to leave the argument about how zombie birds could never defeat aliens for another day.

Now granted, one could say that taking care of my cat and getting drunk on wine alone constitutes “waiting” for me, but I was still expecting a more ringing endorsement of our relationship in the face of aliens abducting me for one year.  Plus, if she really doesn’t trust the aliens and was concerned that they would go back on their words and hurt me, wouldn’t I need her more when I was finally returned?

Am I wrong to here?


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An Issue with Evites

One of the ways you know you are getting old is when friends start to make fun of you for using Facebook invite instead of Evite. I’m not sure when the internets decided that it was juvenile to send Facebook invites. I mean, only one out of every seven human beings in the world uses Facebook, and most of them on a regular basis, so I can see why some people would relate using Facebook invites to attending college night at McFaddens.

Generally Evite is reliable and easy to use, but I do have one issue that I think makes Facebook invite superior.

When I receive a Facebook invite I get an email saying, “Joe Smith has invited you to MY 24th BIRTHDAY PARTY!” Most excellent, Joe!. I know exactly who you are because your first and last name is listed, and I can decide very easily whether or not I want to go to your birthday party.

When I receive an Evite, usually one of two things happen:

1) The sender is something like “Jason, Steve, and Robert” Off the top of my head I could probably name 20 people I know named Jason, Steve, and/or Robert. Most of them know each other. Do I know all three of the people who have invited me to their event? Am I supposed to know which of the six Steves I am friends with sent this to me? Is it going to be really awkward if I think it’s “really good friend Jason”, but it turns out it’s “we did a project together in college and I accidentally sent the evite out to all of my Gmail contacts……but thanks for coming….” Jason?

2) The sender is something like, “Gucci” or “DJ Tone Loc” or “Mike Tyson.” Clearly a nick name and equally clearly not one that everyone on the invite list is familiar with. I would suggest not using a nickname unless all of the following apply:

A) The only people who call you by your real name are significant others or family
B) You can reliably say that more people have you listed in their phone by your nickname than by your real name
C) When out with friends, you are introduced like this; “This is my friend (real name) but most people call him (nick name).”

If that doesn’t apply, please use your real name, because I am not going to go on a grail quest to figure out the story behind the nick name that will allow me to determine who you are.

There is one simple solution if you disagree with me on either of these points. If your name is one of the top 100 most common names in existence, or you insist on using a nick name that only three people are familiar with, make sure your Evite profile is filled out with your last name.

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Anatomy of a Food Stadium

Super Bowl XLV marked the third year that my roommate and I constructed a food stadium in honor of the most glorious holiday of the year, Super Bowl Sunday.

It starts with a lot of food: several bags of bread, white and spinich tortillas, flat bread, butter, writing icing, whipped white icing, cheddar cheese, guacamole, sugar cookie dough, carrots, chicken sticks, pigs in a blanket, tater tots, black olives, refried beans, string cheese, celery, queso dip, triscuit crackers, chocolate bars, chips, marshmallows, and rice krispys. Total cost this year was around $150.

My roommate is the jumbotron master, and that is usually the first thing he does. It’s very time consuming and tedious. We use toothpicks to sketch all of the chocolate work, then writing icing for color. This year, he decided to do Clay Matthews and Troy Polamalu on one, and the team logos and Super Bowl XLV logo on the other.

Almost done with jumbotron 1. At this point I was making rice krispy treats, and cutting them into blocks to use as an outer wall of the stadium.

Freezing the other jumbotrong, scoreboards, and field logos. They are resting on top of the dome, which, sadly, never came to fruition (more on this later).

Normally we just do one dip in between the two endzones, but since this would be the first year that people would be watching the Super Bowl at our place (year one we didn’t realize what a massive undertaking eating the stadium would be, year two was Snowpocalypse) we decided to change things up. We did rows of carrots, ranch, chick sticks, and bleu cheese, then covered the with green pita bread.

Packers endzone was made with guacamole and letters cut out of cheddar cheese. The yard lines are string cheese.

The Steelers endzone was made out of queso dip and black olives. We had the queso dip out of the fridge too long, so the black olives sunk a lot quicker than they did two years ago when Pittsburgh was in the Super Bowl.

The completed field.

We used bread to construct the bleachers and outer stadium. Flat bread made up the sidelines of the stadium.

Ohhhh rice krispy treats. Initially I wanteds to build an outer wall that would surround the stadium completely out of rice krispy treats. I dramatically underestimated how much rice krispy treat that would be. Instead, we used them as the walls at either end of the stadium (which actually made it look a bit like Dallas Stadium). We also planned to construct a roof out of two giant cookies, but they ended up not being wide enough.

My roommate and I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to suspend the jumbotron above the stadium. We knew we could successfully glue the chocolate together, but couldn’t figure out how to suspend it. Therefore, we put them on both sides of the stadium.

Ruffles and blue corn chips made up the Packers and Steelers fans in the stands. Pepperoni and triscuit crackers on the sidelines. We cut up celary and stuck cheese helmets on them to make the Packers. We used pigs in a blanket for the steelers. Goalposts are alo made out of celery.

We paid homage to the fact that some really dumb people decided that spending $200 on tickets to WATCH THE SUPERBOWL OUTSIDE OF DALLAS STADIUM ON LARGE MONITORS was a good idea by putting a monitor out there of our own.

Side note: the scoreboard and monitor are a bit messy. We ran out of time and I had to do it really quickly.

Closer view of the field with the players.

Close-up of the absolutely insane jumbotron my roommate made.

The completed stadium (minus the parking lot, made out of pita bread, refried beans, and sour cream, with tater tot cars. It is behind the far wall of the stadium).

Because there were some things I was anticipating spending a lot of time on that didn’t end of happening (suspending the jumbotron, building the rice krispy outer wall), the total build time was around 6 and a half hours. I expected it to be a lot longer. I was very, very happy with it. Looking forward to building next year, and hoping that teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars never play in the Super Bowl. Honestly, how are you supposed to make something that is both edible and teal?

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