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Anatomy of a Food Stadium

Super Bowl XLV marked the third year that my roommate and I constructed a food stadium in honor of the most glorious holiday of the year, Super Bowl Sunday.

It starts with a lot of food: several bags of bread, white and spinich tortillas, flat bread, butter, writing icing, whipped white icing, cheddar cheese, guacamole, sugar cookie dough, carrots, chicken sticks, pigs in a blanket, tater tots, black olives, refried beans, string cheese, celery, queso dip, triscuit crackers, chocolate bars, chips, marshmallows, and rice krispys. Total cost this year was around $150.

My roommate is the jumbotron master, and that is usually the first thing he does. It’s very time consuming and tedious. We use toothpicks to sketch all of the chocolate work, then writing icing for color. This year, he decided to do Clay Matthews and Troy Polamalu on one, and the team logos and Super Bowl XLV logo on the other.

Almost done with jumbotron 1. At this point I was making rice krispy treats, and cutting them into blocks to use as an outer wall of the stadium.

Freezing the other jumbotrong, scoreboards, and field logos. They are resting on top of the dome, which, sadly, never came to fruition (more on this later).

Normally we just do one dip in between the two endzones, but since this would be the first year that people would be watching the Super Bowl at our place (year one we didn’t realize what a massive undertaking eating the stadium would be, year two was Snowpocalypse) we decided to change things up. We did rows of carrots, ranch, chick sticks, and bleu cheese, then covered the with green pita bread.

Packers endzone was made with guacamole and letters cut out of cheddar cheese. The yard lines are string cheese.

The Steelers endzone was made out of queso dip and black olives. We had the queso dip out of the fridge too long, so the black olives sunk a lot quicker than they did two years ago when Pittsburgh was in the Super Bowl.

The completed field.

We used bread to construct the bleachers and outer stadium. Flat bread made up the sidelines of the stadium.

Ohhhh rice krispy treats. Initially I wanteds to build an outer wall that would surround the stadium completely out of rice krispy treats. I dramatically underestimated how much rice krispy treat that would be. Instead, we used them as the walls at either end of the stadium (which actually made it look a bit like Dallas Stadium). We also planned to construct a roof out of two giant cookies, but they ended up not being wide enough.

My roommate and I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to suspend the jumbotron above the stadium. We knew we could successfully glue the chocolate together, but couldn’t figure out how to suspend it. Therefore, we put them on both sides of the stadium.

Ruffles and blue corn chips made up the Packers and Steelers fans in the stands. Pepperoni and triscuit crackers on the sidelines. We cut up celary and stuck cheese helmets on them to make the Packers. We used pigs in a blanket for the steelers. Goalposts are alo made out of celery.

We paid homage to the fact that some really dumb people decided that spending $200 on tickets to WATCH THE SUPERBOWL OUTSIDE OF DALLAS STADIUM ON LARGE MONITORS was a good idea by putting a monitor out there of our own.

Side note: the scoreboard and monitor are a bit messy. We ran out of time and I had to do it really quickly.

Closer view of the field with the players.

Close-up of the absolutely insane jumbotron my roommate made.

The completed stadium (minus the parking lot, made out of pita bread, refried beans, and sour cream, with tater tot cars. It is behind the far wall of the stadium).

Because there were some things I was anticipating spending a lot of time on that didn’t end of happening (suspending the jumbotron, building the rice krispy outer wall), the total build time was around 6 and a half hours. I expected it to be a lot longer. I was very, very happy with it. Looking forward to building next year, and hoping that teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars never play in the Super Bowl. Honestly, how are you supposed to make something that is both edible and teal?


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