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Helpful hint to anyone sending out a job announcement

If I can’t distinguish your command of the English language from that of the Nigerian Prince looking to give me his money, I am probably not going to apply for your job.

If you want potential employees to say, “this sounds good, but I should google this company to see if it is some elaborate fraud ring,” then you have achieved your goal. If not, CHECK FOR ERRORS.

If I wrote a cover letter in the manner you are writing your job announcement, it would probably become an internet meme in a matter of days.

I can forgive an occasional spelling or grammar “oops,” but when I copy and paste your job announcement into Microsoft Word and the resulting green and red lines make it look like a stoplight made love on my computer screen, maybe give the announcement another look over or six before posting.


February 24, 2011 Posted by | Nonsense | 1 Comment