Marc’s GChat Status Expanded

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions in regards to the blog that I get very often:

Q: What’s with the name of the blog?

A: My GChat status is like an extension of my identity.  When I started using GChat heavily, I realized that it was a fantastic outlet to share links, pictures, videos, rantings, ravings, and everything in between.  I also realized that I loved the conversations that started with friends of mine over whatever appeared in our respective GChat statuses (I’m maybe making up a word).  I started the blog to expand upon stories and topics that would normally find their way into the GChat statuses of my friends and I.

Q: Marc, do you have a job?

A: Usually, yes.  The jobs I have usually prevent me from blogging, so its safe to say that if the blog is being updated regularly, I am in between campaigns, if it’s not, I am working on one. 

Q: But do you really have a job?

A: Yes…usually.

Q: I have something awesome for “For the Win/For the Loss,” how can I get it to you?

A: If you find an awesome article/video/website/anything that you think should go in For the Win/For the Loss then GChat, IM, facebook message, or email will be fine.  If you don’t know me personally then email me the link and a description (if you feel so inclined) to marcsgchat at gmail dot com.

Q: What the eff, you didn’t include my nomination for Moron of the Week?  You douche.

A: I’m sorry.  I really am.  Most weeks I get anywhere from 8-12 nominations for Moron of the Week.  If all of the nominees are worthy of being included then I will absolutely include all of them.  Sometimes the nominee’s newsworthiness isn’t very high anymore (if said moronic action occured more than two weeks prior to nomination, I’m less likely to include it).  Sometimes the moronic behavior is a little too evil/disgusting for me to include (murderers, rapists, terrible parents, etc).  Sometimes I don’t think the nominee is especially moronic. Rarely I even agree with what the moron nominee did.  I try to explain why certain nominees don’t make the cut when I post the nominees each week.  If you feel wrongfully passed over, feel free to burn me in the comments section.

Q: I want to guest author…

A: Awesome.  Send what you’ve written to marcsgchat at gmail dot com (or my personal email if you have it) and as long as it pertains to the topics of absolute nonsense, sports, and/or politics  I’ll read it over and probably post it providing it is well written and isn’t incredibly offensive.

Q: Can you add my blog to your blogroll?

A: Sure! As long as your blog isn’t a front for Al Qaeda (or their geese), a pornographic website, or a white supremacy blog, I’d be more than happy to.  GChat, IM, facebook message, or email me the link and a description and I’ll throw it up on the blog roll.  If you don’t know me personally then email me the link and a description (if you feel so inclined) to marcsgchat at gmail dot com.

Q: Are you ever going to finish the “Why Do People Love Being From” series?

A: UPDATE:  Actually, I might.  I was looking at old blog posts a couple of days ago  and realized there are still 4 or 5 places I haven’t blogged about yet.

Q: Do you delete comments?

A: Rarely.  I’ve only deleted two comments since I started the blog in October 2008.  One was spam, one was disgusting and misinformed.  I don’t moderate comments so when you post one it will appear automatically.

Q: Can I have your personal email address?

A: That really depends.  Chances are if you want it and my answer to the question is “yes” then you will have no trouble finding and getting it from someone who knows me.


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